How To Wear A BodyCon Dress If You Have A Tummy

From catwalk to fashion magazine to high street retailer, the BodyCon Dress remains big news for the fashion industry with everybody from celebrities to royalty extolling its virtues - but is it for everybody?

 Unless they’re very lucky, most women have their body problem areas, ranging from bust size to thigh gaps but nothing causes women as much body image grief as the tummy.  Whether from pregnancy or just from natural body shape, many women are self-conscious about their tummy making them reluctant to wear anything but loose fitting clothing - so, can a BodyCon dress help?

 Shape it

 First things first - when choosing a sexy night out dress with a less than perfect figure, shapewear and control underwear can be your new best friend.  Invest in a good quality, seamless pair of pants and you’re on your way to BodyCon Heaven.  Good quality shapewear will help to hold in a less than flat stomach comfortably and, as an added bonus, will lend a hand in achieving a smooth fluid line to your dress.

Check the Spaghetti Strap Mermaid Bodycon Dress

 Black is the new black

 For fuller figures and a less than toned tummy, choosing a darker shade BodyCon Dress can help cover a multitude of sins.  For decades, experts have been telling us of the slimming benefits of black and other dark shades with good reason - just make sure that you add a pop of colour to your outfit to avoid being mistaken for Morticia Addams!

Sexy Backless black Bodycon Dress

 A pattern forming

 A clever pattern such as a slim vertical design running from neck to hip can trick the eye into seeing a slimmer silhouette.  A black BodyCon dress with a vertical design in muted shades on the front can help to elongate and slim the figure - but avoid anything too busy, particularly on the bottom half of the dress including fringing or sequins as this will draw attention to the problem area rather than away from it.

 The thick of it

 Just like Shapewear, a BodyCon dress in a thicker fabric can help to tame a less than perfect tummy as the natural elasticity of the fabric will have the exact same effect that control underwear can. Similarly, a cleverly designed dress with strategically placed panels or good use of colour blocking can help to streamline the figure

 The perfect cover

 If you love your BodyCon Dress but still don’t quite have the confidence to show it off by itself, don’t despair.  An elegant wrap can be used to great effect to not only help to disguise an untoned tummy but to also add an extra touch of glamour to your outfit.  For a more casual look, a long cardigan will add a touch of sporty chic whilst increasing confidence by hiding the tummy. When going for the more casual look, just avoid anything too ‘slouchy’ which can have the effect of making you look scruffy and ‘unfinished’.

 For most of us, those problem areas will always be an issue but, with these tips, you can look yummy without worrying about your tummy!



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